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Here you can find walkthroughs and demonstrations of how to perform common tasks with your account at CSC . If you need help on a topic not covered here send mail to .

Available Guides

  1. Password Protection
    1. How do I set up password protection for part of my Web site?
    2. How do I add usernames and passwords?
    3. How do I use group access control, and why would I?
  2. Imagemaps
    1. How do I use server-side imagemaps?
  3. Form Mailer
    1. How do I set up a form to send its output through e-mail?
  4. Resolving Logs
    1. How do I convert IP address in my Web logs to fully qualified host names?
  5. Debugging CGI Scripts
    1. How can I debug my CGI scripts without access to the error_log?

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